Compaq computer wont initialize

My Compaq Deskpro 2000 using Windows 98 gives me the error code 52-301 Keyboard Error -- While initializing Device VKD:
Windows protection error.

Anyone know what this error means and how I can fix it?
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    Error 52-301 - '0' (keypad) stuck

    Hope your Keypad '0' got stuck..

    Follow These Steps to solve this...

    1.) With the computer off, locate the failing key and firmly tap it repeatedly.

    2.) Drop the keyboard ONE/TWO INCH from a hard surface. Note: Fold in legs of keyboard before dropping.

    3.) If the error code goes away, please test the key.

    4.) Replace the keyboard if it fails again.

    Hope this works!
  2. saran008, I have to admit this was the goofiest fix I ever heard of other than give it a kick, (ya, I dropped it anyway)--no difference! Butttttt, I did find the "O ins" key stuck in the down position and freed it. The error code is gone but I probably screwed something else up in my playing cause it still only loads up part way-wait
    it now starts in safe mode after rebuilding the registry--even better, after powering down and back up it starts up normally--my old girl is alive and well again!

    Thanks, a million for your help, I was going goofy looking for an answer on the net.
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  4. Thanks for selecting as best answer!
    You are always welcome buddy! :)
  5. Saran008 --all still working ok! At last look 228 others have read our thread, hope other's have benefitted from your wisdom. Rustooka.
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