Transfer of files from windows95 to windows7

I wish to move files from windows 95 on PS2 with floppy drive only to laptop windows 7. any ideas
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  1. You can buy an adaptor to plug the hard drive into your laptop via the USB port... that is probably the easiest option. Look for an IDE / SATA to USB adaptor.
  2. Why not just move the files over the network? Share out the drive on the Windows 95 machine and then just copy the files that you want.
  3. That's the best solution... if you've got a home network set up. Of course, the OP didn't mention it one way or the other... so I was going on the assumption he didn't have one.
  4. True. As he said it was a PS2 it may not even have an IDE hard drive! If so a LapLink type connection would be the only option.
  5. Ugh... yeah... I hadn't even considered that possibility. It amazes me sometimes when I think about the kind of hardware we used to use way back in the DOS / Windows 3.1 days. Seeing circuit boards with actual wires running around to make connections... we've come a long way.
  6. Actually a zero software option would be to use Direct cable connection on the Windows 95 computer (as the host) and Hyperterminal(or the equivalent? I only know as far as XP.) on the Vista machine (as a Direct Cable Connection "guest") then load away. Check the Windows help system or post back for more help...
  7. ...basically the LapLink type connection that I suggested. That of course assumes that the two machines have some ports in common!
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