Any news on a DX10 AGP card ?

Just wondering ?

Wont necessarily buy one but just wondering.
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  1. not that i know of.

    last i heard the 8500 was supposed to have an AGP version. But seeing as how shyte the pci-e version is, I doubt anyone would get it.
  2. yes and also what are your system specs anyways, even i can say that AGP is dead and my pc isnt something to brag about
  3. There probably won't be word on that until the low-end DX10 cards come out, then the low-ends will get AGP, then maybe the mid-range. I'd be surprised if we get high-end AGP this cycle and very surprised if it's in the next quarter.
  4. Last I heard, AMD is supposedly to be supporting agp with their HD 2400 and HD 2600. nVidia on the other hand are dropping agp support, but does not restrict their partners to do so. It's all just rumors.

    I was hoping maybe to buy a HD2400 agp for my older system, so it can be use as a media center. HD 2x00 were suppose to have HDMI connectors.
  5. From everything I've seen recently AMD will have themm but they won't be out until the beginning of Q3 which means July.
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