help me find a good case :)

motherbord ASUS Commando
processor intel Core 2 Duo E6600
graphic card Asus 8800GTX
memory Corsair DDR II 800 1GB XMS2 CL5
storage Western Digital þ80GB 7200RPM, 8MBý
storage Western Digital þ160GB 7200RPM, 8MB, SATA IIý
Power supply Antec TruePower 550 Watt
Case .... .... ..? :)

i really dont know what to get
and i allso like to ask will the 550w be ok for this system or do i need more power?
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  1. Get the CM Stacker by cool master. Great Cooling for those Hot 8800s.
    Also, I would get a new power suppply if you plan on going SLI.

    BFG's 1000w is cheap and quality.
  2. thermaltake kandalf LCS.
  3. I personally like the Antec 900. Quiet for 3 120mm and 1 200m stock fans. I am sure I could buy ones that are better, but if I upgrade everything now, what do I get to upgrade tomorrow?? :) LOL

    Plenty of space, and the airflow is great. Temps are always low.

    Looks good also, in my opinion.. :)

    I love the fact the PSU is mounted at the bottom of the case, but that is personal preferance again.
  4. NZXT ADAMAS for my next build

    LIAN LI PC-60APLUSII for the more budget conscious

    SILVERSTONE TJ07 for the budget unconscious
  5. CM Stacker 2 832

    My case, expensive but worth it.

    The PSU you chose is underpowered I would suggest something in the 600-650 watt range. The BFG that someone else suggested is too much power and the cables are short especially in a full tower case. Newegg has a deal right now on a 700 watt OCZ GameXStream for $125 after MIR which is a great deal. Check this out
  6. ok so the Antec 900 looks good and it dont cost tooo much so am likeing it:)

    about the power supplie ... ur saying i need more power even if am not doing the sli?
    and if i do can u guyz giv me suggestion of few good psu
  7. Dont get any bfg psu, they are terrible, ranked near the bottem of PSU's, just dont get one.
    Best are zippy's, pcp&p, corsair, enermax (galaxy, liberty, infiniti), and silverstones(zf+OP/DA series). Of all those, the corsair is a champ, handles 100% load like a heavyweight and tests have confirmed it handling an extra 150 watts sustained.

    There are other good psu's, those are the ones i can remember off the top of my head. Here is exactly what you're looking for. A nice easy list of best to worst PSU's.
  8. i lookt up the corsair hx 620w cost more then the OCZ GameXStream 700W SLI and from the list u giv me it seem to be on the same tier

    so cost less as 80W more and just as good :)??
    OCZ GameXStream 700W SLI- sound like a winer from this two

    unless am worng or lookt at the worng one idk?
  9. Yep, the ocz isnt a bad choice at all. I just personally prefer modular, but anything in the Tier 2 column is very good. My new rig is probably going to have the corsair, or silverstone DA. Are you thinking of going modular? if so, the silverstone decathlon offer a much higher wattage than the corsair, but they do cost over 200 canuckbucks. Otherwise, you might as well just hit up the ocz.
  10. Between the corsair, silverstone Decathlon, and the tt toughpower 850watt(modular) which would be better suited for a e6600@3.6ghz, raptor, 1tb aid0, and a r600/8800gtx? I know the corsair is a champ, but is 620watts enough?

    I know this is off topic, but its for my build i'm getting next week and i need to order a psu.

    P.S. I want modular, and the galaxy's 24 pin is too short :?
  11. i may be worng but i dont think ASUS Commando as the option for sli it as crossfire
    and i dont think il even need to think about it for a long time the gtx is very strong:)
    so giving that i cant do sli ocz will be fine or should i just go with the
    corsair hx 620w?
  12. kk am going to go with
    corsair hx 620w

    thx for helping me with the case and psu
    it should be fine for the 1 gtx

    thx agin for the help:)
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