I think my computer crashed

Hello,my .computer has a black sreen i rebooted it but still it stays black
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  1. So what would you like us to do about it?
  2. mmm its dead buy a new one.
  3. any burnt smell or explosion you heard??
    Have you checked monitor wires connected correctly?
    After reboot, whether power led in ON in CPU?
  4. Did you turn the Monitor On?

    Is the Monitor plugged into the Wall Outlet?

    Is the monitors input cable connected to the computer?

    Is your surge protector tripped?

    Has your homes electrical panel box tripped that circuit, have you checked available wall outlet power?
  5. "rebooted it"....if you cannot see anything on-screen, how exactly did you 'reboot' your PC?? Was your OS operating before this occurred?? I.e. - did the monitor go dark while you were away?? Or, did you Power-On your PC this last time and then see only a dark screen?? Not even a small flashing cursor?? (The devil is in the exact specific has been said.) With more info we may be able to assist.
  6. bigred21 said:
    Hello,my .computer has a black sreen i rebooted it but still it stays black

    im still waiting for an answer, please help.i cant click on anything,the cursor is frozen.i put in a restoration cd an nothng pops up on screen. what do i do next?email me,let meknow what to do
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    What restore CD you have?
    Does your System boots fine in Safe mode?
    Have you tried that??
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