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I recently bought a new motherboard and am having problems getting my hard drive to work with it.

The motherboard is ASUS P5B Aud/GbLan/Sata/RAID. Im not sure exactly which HD I have, but I know its a 120G Western Digital IDE. I also have a DVD ROM set up on the same IDE pug on the motherboard. When I power up the system I get a single beep followed by a detecting drives... screen, this takes 5-10 seconts and it then lists my HD and DVD ROM. I then get a error "primary master dirve - ATAPI Incompatible" F1 to resume. I hit F1 and get a disk read error hit CTR ALT DEL to restart.

Im guessing my HD is just out of date and I need to go by a SATA one, but I want to make sure before I go spend $.
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  1. Run the Western Digital diagnostic/repair software from a Floppy, this will frequently fix problems. Make sure the Master and Slave are correct, you're hard drive should be Master the first on the data cable.
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