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A+ case twin engine?

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change to a new case?

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  • Thermaltake Xaser III V1000A
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  • A+ twin engine
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May 7, 2007 9:43:21 PM

hello! I've got my "new" pc for nearly a year and i've seen that my E6600 and my p5wdh heat a lot recently. the other day a friend was looking for a new case. We saw the new A+ twin engine case for about 96 €. I have an old termaltake Xaser III V1000A (yeah the 17kg steel case :? ) do you think i'll notice a better incase airflow with the twin engine case?? I'm even thinking to put a extractor like some kitchens have :tongue:
Well i'd like your opinions. thanks for your patience

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May 7, 2007 10:00:44 PM

well that's my current case (well some years ago, now its window is "damaged" a bit cause accidentaly I splashed some dissolvent on it, seems rain on a car window :oops:  )

and this is the one which may replace it depending on your answers
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May 9, 2007 3:02:55 PM

My A+ Twinengine is arriving today! but I won't get a chance to hook it up until tomorrow. I'll post my impressions when its all up and running.
May 10, 2007 5:44:36 PM

Well unfortunately I don't have pictures but I'll post a few impressions. I have no idea why its considered mid-tower because it is certainly not, this is full size and then some. Anyway it arrived in perfect condition and it seems like a really high quality, solid product. Looking at these two 250mm fans in person, I'm in shock at just how big they really are. I mean the side fan is big enough that it literally is just about the size of my motherboard. You would think that two fans these size (also added a 120mm in the back) would be loud as hell but they're not, in fact I'd say my system is about twice as quiet compared to my old case which had 2x92mm's, and 3x80mm's. Once up and running I was really impressed at just how cool this case looks with all the led lights lit up, this is definitely something your friends will get a kick out of.

Now to the important part, cooling. I bought this over the Antec 900 because I needed something that was gonna cool down my 8800GTS because it was generating a lot of heat and also making my CPU temp go way up. Before my CPU temp would roughly idle around 42celcius while my GPU would be anywhere from 60-65celcius, with my GPU at 52celcius. and I keep my apartment pretty dang cool. At this moment my CPU is at 34celcius