C drive free space getting reduced :(

Hello Friends,

my C drive is showing some strange behavior these days.

The free space in the C drive is getting reduced. C drive is allocated 10GB.
the total space used by all the Files and folders installed in C drive is 5.2GB.

but it says 9.2GB through Properties. and the worst thing is the free space is getting reduced each day.

I have turned OFF system restore on all drives..

but still what is the reason for this peculiar behavior?

if this continues I could not even BOOT the system because of NO SPACE in C drive :(

thanks friends
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  1. You more than likely have a virus. I had one on my dads computer that duplicated a 37kb file over and over and over. Finally got them all deleted and the main file removed. Freed up a couple of gig.

    Check this site for a program that will show you your disk usage. You might be able to see whats using all the space.
  2. Virus

    Avast 4 home, its free and I like it.
    PCworld rated it as excellent.

    has a nice screensaver feature
  3. free anti virus makers themselves tell you they offer no security or ganrantee with them ;)

    download and installNod32 Free 30 Day Trial

    then make its settings like this:

    nod settings

    then download and install spysweeper http://img387.imageshack.us/img387/256/spysweeperdf2.gif

    make its settings like this:

    SS settings

    now do a scan first with nod then after nod is done with SS.

    lets see what you got
  4. You could try WinDirStat.

  5. hello dudes,

    yeah even I too suspect Virus for this peculiar behavior. but I have an Update Zone Labs security suit. that says no Virus or spy wares found.

    I am confused now......

    don'tt you guys trust Zone Labs security Suit?

    thanks :)
  6. boss you came here asking us so we told you.

    not only do I not trust your za (BTW is it freeware) but also if a system is suspected of being infected the last thing you do is trust the apps including security on that PC ;)

    now how about you take 20 minutes and do the scans I recommended so you can help yourself ;)

    you always have to make sure, if you take it step by step and do it right then you can go forward much faster ;)

    step one, make sure the PC is clean don't guess it is ;)
  7. ZL's firewall can be freeware (there is a paid version) but I believe you must purchase the Security Suite. My ISP provides it for free upon request. (They email you a key code which you must use or the trial version expires).
  8. yeah Dude,

    I have Licensed version of Zone Labs Security Suit......

    anyway I ran that and I found out that Lots of files with .CHK extensions were kept on accumulating and those were created during scanning...

    and I deleted most of the files and now I have 3GB free space in C drive... and I guess there wont be any such serious problems from now on.

    and thanks for the information you guys provided on windirsts.. that helped me:)

    thanks guys...

    I get back if I get any problems :o
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