Surge Protection on Broad Band Cable?

Tomorrow I am getting my new computer hooked up to Comcast BB. When they install the BB connection I am told that they will only hook up "direct" from "their" BB modem to the back of my computer.

"I" am planning on installing Linksys BEFSR41 router after their installation. My question is, do you "recommend" using a surge protection on the connections?

I have a APC 3400 Surge Protector, which is protecting the power source for all PC's required power cords. The surge protector also has the feature to provide BB connection surge protection to my router and computer. If I unhook the cable that Comcast plugs into the computer and reroute it to the "input" on the surge protector and then install a cable from the "output" to my router and then on to the computer with another cable it should protect both.

Will that number on connections affect the BB performance?
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  1. I would ask comcast to be sure but I wouldnt think it will hurt. I know BB runs at higher frequencies then cable so unless the surge protector cant handle that range you should be ok.

    If it doesnt work then dont worry about it. If lightning hits it will burn out the modem. Plus the cable line is grounded outside the house.
  2. Thanks for the response Strum. I had the BB installed yesterday and it sure a vast improvement, speed wise, over the old dial-up. I love it. I did check with Comcast before the installation and they said it wasn't necessary. I did, however, plug my router powercord into the surge protector.
  3. uhh, cable is broadband. cs game server -
  4. Sorry "bb runs at higher frequencies then the t.v. signals" is what I ment.
  5. Any ISP will only install and setup from the jack straight to the computer. They did not make the routers and surge protectors so cannot possibly support that. Doesnt mean that it will not work. Routers are ok despite what some dumb isp tech Ive ran into but surge protector throught the cable line maybe an issue. Make sure that you get the broadband coaxial surge protector to prevent slow speeds and intermittent sync which is cause by a delayed response to the NOC. It is worthless to get surge protectors for the PC and network when your coaxial or phone line to the modem is unprotected.

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  6. Thanks ADDIARMADER, That's what I did.
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