E6300 CPU temp: Sandra Lite or Speedfan?

I am overclocking my E6300 quite generously, as seen in my signature, and I need to keep the vcore at 1.5125 in order for it to remain stable. I am looking at my CPU temps on Sandra Lite and it said 54c. At first, that didn't bother me, but then I realized that my video card was running at that exact temperature. I remembered a different tool, Speedfan, and downloaded it, and it says that I am running at either 39c or 34c. I uploaded a pic to clarify this, as my lack of experience with Speedfan has me sorta lost.

So which is correct, Sandra Lite or Speedfan?

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  1. get TAT and get CORETEMP, they seem to be the most exact ones :) either way 52 idle is way 2 hot, i got my e4300 from 1.8 to 3.0 runnin at 35-40 idle, to 65 FULLLL LOAD
  2. What cooler you runnin?
  3. I would use RightMark's CPU Clock Utility. In its monitoring tab you can view each cores Clock, Throttle, Frequency ID, Voltage ID, and Load.
  4. I had a defective e6300, idled at 42, with AS5 and Scythe Infinity, sold it to some chap, got an e6600, which idles at 27. go figure.
    Go with the above poster's advice: coretemp and tat
  5. That's messed up that you sold it instead of RMAin it. I suggested RightMark's Utility simply to see if one or both of the cores was throttling back under load.
  6. This isn't a defective CPU, it's just that I am running it at 3.15 GHz and a vcore of 1.5125 on stock cooling and AS5.
  7. Coretemp is telling my 45-46c idle and . Well, it looks as if I'm in need of some better cooling, the only problem is I would like to get a cooling system that doesn't require me to take the motherboard off and mount it with screws. Are there better HSF units that use the same push-pegs that the stock HSF uses?
  8. Yes there are, one example I like that a buddy of mine has run for 6 months on a e6300 at 2.8 is the Arctic Freezer 7 http://www.xoxide.com/arctic-cooling-freezer-7-pro.html
  9. How much better of a job can the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 do than stock cooling? If it's only a difference of a few degrees, then I probably won't bother, but if it can bring my load temp down to the 40's instead of being at 60c under load, then I'll get it. Or are my expectations too high for an air-cooled system?
  10. It could bring your temps down anywhere from 5 - 15° C so it is really your call. From my experience expect about 10°.
  11. I think a 10c drop is worth the 30 dollar price.
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