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Get Windows 7 To Boot Again


I'll start from the beginning. I'm a photographer looking to re-organize my workflow by getting another drive (1 tb wd blue) to put all my photos on to work off of from lightroom. My main drive for 2 years now is a 600gb western digital I bought after realizing I needed more space. I bought a 1tb western digital blue drive. I added that one successfully and moved all my photos to it. I then proceeded to reformat my secondary drive (300gb) to put my media on it. When I went to reboot from my main drive (600gb) I ran into an error. Disk Boot Failure, instert sytem disk and press enter. I've come to figure out that the main drive I've been booting off of for 2 years now (600gb) was using the 300gb drive as a way to boot. I don't know how it got all messed up having to use that other drive, both now have windows 7 64 on it, and only the 300gb (newly reformatted drive) will boot.

TL;DR: I need to get my 600 gb drive to be able to be bootable again so I can get back to work. Can you help me? Time is of the essence here.

When looking in computer management it shows:

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    Insert you Windows disc, reboot and do an installation repair. That will hopefully sort things out. If not, get back to us.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I ended up doing that said thing, but couldn't repair for some reason. Not sure why, it said compatiblity issues but that couldn't have been it. Ended up installing a fresh copy of win7 on my computer, just have to deal with the tedious task of moving all my files back and downloading the applications and blah blah blah you know.

    Thank you.
  3. I know what you mean...

    Glad you managed to fix it.
  4. Next time get a program called testdisc, it has photorec on it. Its a data recovery tool that works pretty well. Works in a cmd prompt, but its easy to follow steps.
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