Is it ok to mix fat16 and fat32 on same Windows 98 PC?

I have an existing Windows 98 machine whose fat16 drive has a bunch of partitions including the boot. I would like to add a second drive as a slave but format it as fat32. So I will need to enable large disk support (each drive is 80 GB). Just want to make sure that enabling large-disk support will not mess up the partitions on the original fat16 boot drive?
I have already installed the May 2000 fdisk.exe update to fix the addressing problem in the original Apr. 98 fdisk.exe. Any help/experience appreciated.
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    It's no problem to add a drive and format it any way you want. You won't be doing anything to the other drive as long as you have the correct drive selected in FDISK.
  2. I agree with Zoron. As long as you make sure you have the proper drive selected in fdisk then you will not have any problems. You will find that the FAT32 drive stores information much more efficiently than FAT16.
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  4. Cheers!
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