Windows 98 Installation in Polish. Need it in English.

Hi there. I recently received a Windows 98 disk from a friend of a friend who didn't need it anymore and the installation is all in Polish. I am using Virtual PC 2004 on Windows XP Home to emulate a fresh install. I can't read a word the installation is saying. I just want to know if it's possible to change the install language to ENGLISH.
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  1. In systems before vista you cannot change the language.
    Much of the text is burried inside the various thausands of dll libraries, and unless you replace these, it won't change. Just find an english one, or learn the nessecary words in polish.

    I tried installing a windows 95 in arabic once (10 years ago at least), and fairly fast I learnt which signs meant okay and cancel etc. And your software'll still be in english after all, so it doesn't much matter what the systems sais. And error codes are the same in all languages.
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