I have an Acer laptop (windows vista) and my monitor on the pc (windows 95) has gone out. I need to use my word 2003. Is it possible to download it from the pc to the laptop? I have tried disconnecting the monitor cable (15 port plug) and attaching it to the laptop, but that did not work. I do not understand computer and the "language", so if you could make it a "reply for dummies" that would be great!
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  1. Office 2003 wouldn't be compatible with Windows 95... so my question is what version of Windows is on that computer and what version of Office? You have misstated at least one of those items. Hooking up your monitor to the laptop would only display what is on the laptop, there is no way that would give you any kind of connection to the desktop. The best solution is simply to get another monitor and connect it to the desktop (provided that's actually the problem).
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