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The current situation is I have Xp installed on a raptor150 sata drive. I partition the drive and there is uncollated space I want to install Vista home premium update on. (i'm using the duel install method to get a clean install and want xp around for backup for awhile) during the install it stops and I get this error: "Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed" I've tried several solutions out their. Putting the PartMgr back in the registry and using xp install disk to use a "fixboot" in recovery mode and still a no go. It just wont install Vista on the partition.

One thing to note, I had install Vista installed at one point on the partition but couldn't get the dual boot to work. So i finally gave up and deleted vista and reformatted the partition. So at one point vista would install right. I know is should of just worked on the Dual boot thing but after 2 hours I wanted to give up so now I'm trying again. I'm wondering if from the first time it might have left some files behind that need removed on XP?

The only fix I can think of now is to reformat the whole drive install Vista then after the Vista install, partition the drive and use a backup of XP on the new partition and then find a way two dual boot after I use the backup to restore Xp on the new partition? Any other ideas?

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  1. Please any ideas anyone? :?:
  2. If you are going to format the entire drive anyway... install XP first, then install Vista afterwards. Vista will load it's bootloader and detect the XP install and set up dual-boot automatically.
  3. Quote:
    If you are going to format the entire drive anyway... install XP first, then install Vista afterwards. Vista will load it's bootloader and detect the XP install and set up dual-boot automatically.

    Well problem is I'm not wanting to use a fresh install of XP i want to use my current installation. If i have to do a reformat install I'll have to install vista first then use my XP backup image and restore it on the second partion. :wink:
  4. This is a clear case of two hard drives being better than two partitions on one hard drive. If you're unwilling to format, that is your only other option.
  5. you no I do have a spare 80 gig hard drive i could put in the case transfer Xp over two it then install vista on the current drive that in there now. So you think it my be something to do with the partition? 8)
  6. Not necessarily the partition... but the bootloader is somehow messed up.
  7. Ahh so when I reformat the drive completely then it will completely erase the bootloader refence too.(this is what i was thinking) So i wont need to update the bois or anything correct? The boot loader reference is only on the drive itself nothing is put in the bois? 8)

    Do you think if after i have Vista installed and create a partition and then use a backup image of XP(not a fresh install) it will not be able to boot because of the bootloader problem or when I put the vista DVD in it will fix things and then I'll follow the directions for sitting it up to boot xp too.

    Thanks for your advice.
  8. Windows Could Not Update The Computer's Boot Configuration. Installation Cannot Proceed.

    I'm having the same problem. Some of my apps aren't compatible with Vista x64 so I have to use XP. If I delete the XP install on Drive C: I can install Vista. But if I put it on another partition, the above message kicks out at the very end of the install.

    if I would have known this I would have bought a copy of XP x64 instead.

    If anyone knows a workaround let me know. Calling in new activations for my apps are a pain if I have to reinstall XP as well as Vista to get a functioning multi-boot computer.


  9. Get another hard drive and install Vista on it. If you're going to dual-boot, it is so much better to have a separate hard drive for each OS rather that trying to partition a single drive.
  10. Don't know if this helps, but this is how to get rid of Vista's boot loader if you just delete/format the partition:
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