Ultimate Crashes when I open a picture

I just finished installing an OEM of Ultimate and everytime I open a picture, I get a blue screen.

I have a XFX geforce 7900 and havent connected the computer to the internet yet so it is missing the NEWEST updates but isnt this an old enough card that it should be supported by Vista from the get go?
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  1. I also have a XFX GeForce 7900 GS, and an OEM version of Home Premium, so we're basically in the same boat. I used to get blue screens all the time. I did a clean reinstall of Vista, and everything was cool for months. Now they're back. I don't have the problem when I open pictures (but then again I spend most of my time browsing the Internet and watching videos). There was one time, though, when I was viewing a slideshow and got a blue screen. That was the first of the new waves of blue screens for me.

    The problem is probably not with the graphics card; The driver included should work fine. I'm considering buying a Registry Cleaner to see if I can get rid of my blue screens. Let me know when you fix your problem.
  2. Vista was able to track it down to drivers. Went to nvidias website and found a vista patch and now all is good! good luck

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