Not creating a boot record after installing Windows 2003

I am somewhat stumped....

I am in the process of installing a new HD in a system and need to installed 2003 server, the CD boots up fine, the HD is formatted and the files are copied. Once the system is rebooted the complete skips the HD, indicating that there is no Boot Record found, and starts booting off the CD. If I proceed with another installation, the install does find the previous copy of the windows that the initial install created.

Here are the things I have tried.

1. Multiple Installation mediums
2. Multiple partition configs... initially I was trying to partition it to 60/100 split (it's a 160GB dirve)
3. Used the recovery console and ran FIXBOOT, FIXMBR \device\harddisk0
4. I've used the WD diagnostic utils to check the drive and everything appears to be ok.
5. CHKDSK found no errors.

Everything appears to be in order with the exception that it's not allowing my to boot off this drive..Any assistance would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you,
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  1. Ok, I've done some more investigation, I have tried to install Linux FC6 on the same hard drive and it does the same thing. It writes data to it, but the MBR appears to be missing. This sounds like a faulty drive.
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