Should i install service pack 1?

Hey guys, just curious i never chose to install sp1 and was wondering if there were any bad parts about it. i care about my gaming performance so if it helps my games id gladly upgrade to it. i also just got a new laptop and wanted to put sp1 on it as well. just give me your opinions and tell me the pros and cons.

PS: im not a risk taker lol so i dont install stuff when it first comes out i w8 a bit and decide.

thanks in advance!
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    Won't help and won't hurt. SP1 is really not a big deal for Windows 7, it's basically a rollup of all the preceding fixes and updates. You won't even notice anything has changed.
  2. I'll agree with that...been running SP1 on my machine at work and on 3 machines at issues at all.
  3. Same here, no problems at all.
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