Help me rank some old APG GPUs perfomance

I know this question is several years out of date :lol: however I have serveral old APG cards needing shuffling in some old system and would like some quick feedback on the genernal level of performance (I have checked the VGA rankings however seems a little vauge for older Geforce cards and I would like your help :) Thanks

My old cards are as follows: (put in order from my thinking) What do you think?

Gf4 Ti4200 128mb (vga & dvi)

Ati 9250 128mb (vga & dvi)

Gf3 Ti200 64mb (vga & dvi)

Gf 256 64mb (vga & dvi)

Gf4 MX200 64mb (vga & TV out)
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  1. That 4200 will kill a 9250.

    The ranking order is perfect as-is...
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