Windows Update wiped email.

The computer i am typing from updated via windows update this morning on startup. It installed the updates and on reboot, all my documents, files, folders, and most importantly email/address book was gone. The desktop was just how i had left it though.

Upon searching throught he hdd for some kind of backup i only found that the files were under a different user in documents and settings, the defualt user being a new, blank user.. hence the empty my documents.

The issue still remains that i have no addres book or achived email as when reconfiguring the Outlook, I can only receive new emails from the POP3, opposed to the old mail that i want back.

Looking on the webmail for the POP3 (ntl) it says i have no new emails, nor any in my inbox at all, when on Outlook i had just received 23 new emails from the same address, so using the webmail is not an option.

Is there a way to get my email back/restore windows to how it was previously, there are no backups made anywhere to restore from.

Thanks for reading, and thank YOU microsoft, you fail to disapoint yet again.

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  1. Search for Outlook.pst. When you find it in the corrupted profile, make a note of the path. From Outlook, Import the Outlook.pst file.

  2. Thanks, I thought it would be something I just didnt know what i was looking for. Only issue is, I cannot find the outlook.pst, Only .srs and .favs where the pst is meant to be. I searched the whole C for outlook.pst and found nothing but other random files. When trying to import unrecognised outlook files it simply does nothing also.

    what now? Have i missed something:S

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. Did you include hidden files and folders in your search? Try searching for *.pst. Are you sure it's Outlook and not Outlook Express?

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