Can't boot from Vista DVD and have a "bootmgr is missing"

Hi Guys

I have been searching the web site for a couple of hours trying to solve my Vista problem. I decided to install Vista, upgrading from Win XP. I have a SATA driver and needed to update the driver before the install would recognise a HD to install it on. I have 2 partition but a single HD. I decided to format both drives before install.

Then I started the install, all good but it can up with an error halfway through with unable to uncompress file error. Noticed a huge thumb print on the DVD. Had to reboot. Kept the disk in the drive but after a while it comes up with "Bootmgr is missing. Press CRTL, ALT & DELETE." After searching the internet and this forum the majority of responses are to pop in the DVD and it will boot off it. Unfortunately for me it wont.

I have tried the DVD in my other PC and it works fine. It is a legit copy of Vista. I have also tried my old XP OEM and it won't boot of it.

Does anyone have any ideas please?
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  1. Bit more info: Boot priority is set to CD ROM first than HDD.
  2. I use to get an option to press a key to start Vista install when I first was installing Vista but after the format and subsequent crash I now don't have that option.

    I can only guess it has something to do with SATA or the fact that I had two partitions.

    Interestingly after I reset my BIOS (I just noticed) I get NTLDR is missing Press CRTL ALT and DELETE.

    BTW I noticed a lot of posts etc where they were trying for a dual boot. I don't want this and if I could I would go back to one partition if i could.
  3. I had similar issue : - Bootmgr is missing and NTLDR is missing. 1. I had to replace my OEM dvd burner with a new retail DVD Burner. 2. sync the Master / Slave jumper settings on my IDE HD and DVD Burner and using correct side of the cable. with this I was able to load Vista on my IDE hd (i have a second SATA but I does not load on it). Once i again replace the retail DVD burner with a 2nd (newer) OEM dvd burner, I could not boot even after using the 'Repair' function dusing DVD boot.
  4. Sorry for bumping this "thread". But I am facing same issue... I did follow those tips described here and it worked

    But now, after few days BOOTMGR is missing (again).

    Any suggestion guys?
  5. I also have the same problem, I have
    compaq C700 presario laptop
    with DVD-RW
    1 GIG Ram
    120 GB Sata Hard Disk
    Original Vista Business DVD Installer

    My brother also has a laptop and he can boot the DVD Vista Installer

    But I cant boot it. No boot. Just "cannot find boot mgr missing" message
    I have an XP OS installed and I can boot its CD.
    I want to boot the VISTA CD and
    format the C: partition and replace XP with VISTA but I cant even boot the CD!!!
    (But my brothers laptop can boot it)

    My Boot sequence in BIOS starts with my DVD-RW. (remember I can boot the XP cd)
    (I dont have DVD hardware failure because I can watch DVD movies and install apps in my XP from DVD`s)
    My laptop is really for vista because it really Comes with VISTA Drivers... and not XP
    I just downgraded it to XP (and had a hard time finding its XP compatible drivers) a year ago
    because vista consume a lot of resources

    How can I fix the boot mgr missing problem?
    Most forums are talking about boot mgr missing problems with vista and fixing it
    by using a recovery module when you boot the DVD on PC startup... (But I can`t boot the DVD!!!)
    (DVD vista installer is OK because my brother can boot it from his laptop)
  6. bootmgr is missing.
    my dvd driver is not working .how to fix it
  7. cse552 said:
    bootmgr is missing.
    my dvd driver is not working .how to fix it

    I have same problem please tell how to fix it then
  8. try using a different DVD drive or get a new Vista DVD
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