Need advice regarding EVGA Mobo (compatibility)

I am looking at purchasing the EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail Mobo for use in my first ever build. I have two compatibility questions that I could really use some assistance with...

1. This Motherboard claims a Memory Standard of DDR2 1200. I had originally planned on using CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory (4-4-4-12 timing). Will I miss out on any noticeable performance by using DDR2 800 Memory over DDR2 1200?

2. I planned on using the Noctua NH-U12F S939 S940 AM2 LGA775 Heatsink Heatpipe Cooler W/ NF-S12 120MM Fan 8DBA as my heatsink. However, after doing some research on the Noctua website, I learned that "On earlier revisions of this mainboard, capacitors on the rear side of the socket interfere with the backplate. Installation is possible but not recommended and not officially supported by Noctua. Newer revisions don't seem to have these capacitors and hence are fully compatible."

If I order the Mobo, how can I know if I'm getting an early version with the capacitors in that area or a later version without? Has anyone here successfully installed this heatsink with this Mobo?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!
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  1. *bump* :?:
  2. toms has a article regarding latency vs timings...not much difference between using lower speed low latency ram vs high frequencey high latency.

    I've had 8 or so of these boards and all the later boards were later revisions. Shouldn't have a problem...even those that DID have clearance issues were easily brought into line with a little bit of file-work and elbow grease.
  3. Thanks, gs274. Can I ask where you ordered your boards from? I'd like to try and maximize my chances of getting the later revision. (Or do you think pretty much any major online retailer will have the later boards?)
  4. Malabs and newegg, you wouldn't be able to get yours from malabs but, i'd be comfortable betting on newegg.
  5. Thanks a lot! I had been planning on ordering from newegg, so I'll just stick to the original plan. : :D
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