New computer, XP load issues

I just purchased all the neccessary components for a new system, including quad-core 6600, Foxcon MOBO, 500gb IDE HD (was supposed to be SATA) along with my existing Pioneer DVD burner and X700 video card.

I'm trying to install an old XP Professional CD and I keep getting .sys / file not found errors. One time it froze on partition installation.. I've tried about 15 times to no avail. Everything else seems to be in working order, as the mother board fires up, and it also displays all the various bios info.

Any help/advice will be appreciated.
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  1. you probably need to slipstream sp2.
    Sp1 and older caused alot of issues for me.

    When installing xp at the beginning it asks you to install third party drivers. If you can install the drivers for the MOBO.
  2. how do I download SP2 version of XP Pro with my valid copy of XP Pro?
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