Disable port 80 in Windows XP

Can someone please provide a step-by-step guide as to how I can disable internet / email access from a computer on a home network using Windows XP. Found nothing on Google ....

I want to apply the settings specifically to the PC in question ...if I disable at router level, then ALL PC's cannot access the net, which is what I do not want.

Thanks for your time and advice.
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  1. Depending on your router it might have client ip filter in which you can block all ports on any computer on your network for a limited time or always.
  2. My router is a Netgear Cable/DSL router, RP614 v3 that I can access via

    I tried the "Block Services " option, but it blocked services to all computers on the home network.

    If I can block internet access to just the one computer but leave file/print sharing enabled (using the router setup), I'd appreciate any "how to" guidance.

    Many thanks once again.
  3. YOu can do this with IPSEC filtering in Windows Xp.....
  4. OK, so what are the steps involved (and settings to use) to set the IPSEC filtering under Windows XP so that only internet access / emails are blocked?

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