How can I remove any trace of my old graphics driver?


I have a pc from packard bell and i removed the old video driver via device manager but while uninstalling an error pop up saying that nview wizard has encounterd an error. I chose Don't send and continue with the uninstallation.

I installed the new graphics card from ati and i have a strong feelling that there are traces of the nvidia driver left on my pc because of the error during uninstallation.

I tried using the drivercleaner but I dont have the power to pay for it.

Is there a way that i can fully remove the nvidia driver from my pc?
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  1. Theres an app called Driver Cleaner Pro (its the free version). They charge for it now but you can still find downloads for teh free version out there.
  2. Okay...

    Do you recommend any websites?

    because i read on the driver cleaner site that there are lots of fake driver cleaner pro out there.

    I got one from is this reliable?
  3. Who can say. DL it to a safe spot and scan it before unpacking it.

    A note though. If you have newer grpahics drivers installed the PRO version may not remove ALL traces. Its not updated anymore. You really should try to find a copy of the .net version, legal or not.
  4. I'll be removing a 6200 LE with TC drivers so I guess this version is enough to delete any traces from this card right?
  5. When was the last time you put new drivers in?
  6. I used the packard bell complete restore program or something like that, it restores all default file to the day it was bought, before removing the nvidia driver

    As far as i can remember the driver date of the nvidia card on the dxdiag was year 2006 or 2005
  7. Probably wont be an issue then.
  8. Thanks.....ill be trying this new application as soon as i can
  9. Best of luck. :)
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