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I am having a problem login on in Windows 2000 Pro

My Client has a domain that is no longer active
And a Made an error, i deactivated de logon by domain

As a result i can't access de computer now
In the logon screen appears the "computer1" in the user name but wen i type de password it says that cannot access domain or the user is incorrect.

I bought a program that clears the admin password but i cannot access localy

Can U help me please?

How can i logon on the machine
I need to recover the client e-mails and contact for the outlook

I tryed to find the ".pst" files but they are too old, ie, it's not the actual version.

Is it possible that outlook stores the "pst" file in the server?
How can i logon into the computer ?

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  1. Do you have a 'log on to' drop down box at the login? Select the local computer and logon with a local account. Remember that you possibly can't use a domain user to login locally.......
    The pst may have been stored in the users profile on the server- do you have access to this?
    There are other ways to clear the password involving boot disks etc
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