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Update for Windows Vista (KB929777)

Ok i have a core 2 duo at 3.2
with 4 gigs of ram
windows vista ultimate 32 bit

this is whats going on, i stick in the 4 gigs of ram i got about 3 updates,installed 2 out of 3.
the 3rd one called Update for Windows Vista (KB929777) likes to install 75% then tell me to *** my self, So i clicked help and found out it dosnt install with more then 3 gigs of ram and microsoft told me to take out 2 gigs and try again.
So i did that went to updates up to i stick in the ram back restart all that good stuff......bam...1 new update waiting guess who it is KB929777.
So i take out my ram again restart download the stand alone install for that update and it still downloads 75% then fails... what should i do?
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    You will not have the option to install this if you do not have 3 Gigs in.

    Have you tried going to and saving the file to your box, removing the RAM, then applying the fix?
  2. You have to install the update with less than 3gigs in. Otherwise it won't work. Yes its stupid, but then again who wrote this OS?
  3. Near as I can make out, the update is two years old. Smells like obsolescence to me.
  4. I have the same problem with the update. I re-installed Vista Home edition for the second time and it still won't update. I realize that it is old and obsolete but my computer will not stay in hibernation or sleep for more than 5 minutes now. I do not know if there is any coorelation but everything works fine except that. Does anyone else have this problem?
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