Pc shuts down when using any key in the keyboard

People, my parent's Windows 7 desktop PC (just only year old) shuts down every time when a key has been pressed on the keyboard. Norton can't find any isssues. What do you reckon might cause this?
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  1. faulty keyboard?

    try a different keyboard and see if it still does it
  2. Mate, never thought a near new keyboard might be faulty, replaced it and the problem's gone. Thanks very much!
  3. Same problem here. I have an Acer Aspire One. Whenever a key is hit the pc shuts down or maybe monitor shuts off. I just replaced the didn't work. Any suggestions would be great. If i use a usb keyboard, it's fine. Just dont want to carry a usb keyboard around
  4. Are you certain the keyboard connector is in place properly? If the old one wasn't it could have been the cause of the problem. Those tiny clips are extremely hard to be sure of - worth a double check.

    If that doesn't help, please start a new thread - this one is too old to remain open.
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