SATA DVD problem on new build

I just put together my first build using an Intel D946GZISSL MB with an E2160 processor. As I'm on a tight budget, I was hoping that for now I could install a 40 gb Seagate hard drive, with Window 2000 Pro already loaded, on the single PATA connection and a Samsung SH-S203B DVD drive on one of the four SATA connections. The machine booted on the first try, but I can't get the DVD drive to read anything. The Device Manager says that it is functioning properly and has the correct driver. I'm new at this, so any suggestions? Thank you.
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  1. Sounds like a defective drive... if in fact 2K will support SATA devices...
  2. Could be. The Intel website claimed that W2K worked with this board, though.
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