Has anyone seen any Blu-ray or HD-DVD readers?

I've only seen Blu-ray burners for PC, but they're way too expensive.
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  1. It's better to get a PS3.
  2. pioneer has a $300 blu-ray reader/dvd+-RW pc drive according to anandtech a couple days ago. no idea when or where you can get it.

    It's the planned centerpiece of my planned htpc.

    You can use the 360's add-on hddvd drive on a pc i've heard.
  3. why don't you wait for the guaranteed BUGs to be worked out.

    HD + early adoption = sore ass, lost money.

    make sure you buy the stuff when the industry actually gets around to making it all work properly.

    LiteOn LH-2B1S 2x BD-R/E Blu-Ray Writer, SATA, Black (Retail)
    Manufacturer: LiteOn
    SKU: 9361
    Part No: LH-2B1S
    Price: $649.95 CAD

    requires - HDCP capable graphics card with 256MB RAM, PCI Express x16, 1920x1200 resolution, 32bit color. HDCP capable Monitor or TV for High Definition digital output.

    {probably need Windows (SHI-)VISTA as well}

    but I don't know how it will work with the new ATI card that haven't come out yet.
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