Can't reinstall Windows PLEASE HELP

I had a corrupt version of XP on my computer and it wouldnt boot anymore. I downloaded a program from Seagate and had to completely erase the hard drive "zero all option". I then set the BIOS to fail/safe settings, set boot order 1. cd 3. hdd0, set AGP speed to 2x (I would remove card for install but MB has no video).for the new install. When I go to install XP Pro SP2 it loads files, then formats (long format) the drive with no problem but then when it goes to copy the installation files it always stops and says it is missing a file "cyycoins.chm." It then does this for many more files after that. I then thought maybe my HD was defective so I installed a new one and it does the same exact thing. I know the CD is good because my friend has successfully used it multiple times. Can someone please give me any suggestions?! 8O

Just wanted to add some info. It is a custom PC, Epox 8kha+ MB, Athlon XP 1500, 512mb ddr, Primary master: 60 gb HDD, Secondary master:cdrom, secondary slave: cd-rw, 128 MB AGP radeon, PCI: soundcard,ethernet. When I built it years ago the original XP disc installed in this configuration no problem first time. I tried using that copy as well but it won't work either. Please help me this has been driving me insane trying to figure it out!!!
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  1. This is a tuff one. memory comes to mind first off (you said your prior XP was "corrupted") but I have also seen Cd-rom drive going out with read errors prduce this problem as well. I see you have (2) a cd-rom and a cd-rw, Try installing from the other (switch whichever cd-rom you have been installing from) Note: if the bios will not let you switch, you may have to disconnect the ide cable from the 1st cd-rom.

    Since you stated that you are using the bios defaults I'll skip that stuff

    Also some older M.B. require a driver to be installed (from a floppy)during the installation process so that windows can actually see the hard drive.
  2. The MB is about 5 years old but it recognizes the HDD at startup. Would it help to try installing with just one piece of DDR Ram in at a time (to see if one is bad)? I think when i tried installing from the other CDROM it did the same thing. Would it help to remove the other cdrom, floppy, sound card etc. and try to run a more simple setup for install?
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