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I ran VISTA backup, and save the files to a 750 GB drive defined only for retaining backups; after formatting the 750 GB drive had 698 GB available. I have 3 files on my disk: 54.3GB, 0.1GB, and 70.8GB for a total of 125.2 GB. However, when I look at my 750 GB HD, with 698 GB reserved, I see that it lists only 506 GB! In other words, instead of 125.2 GB, my files have consumed 698 GB - 506 GB = 192 GB. How did I lose 67GB (192 GB - 125 GB)? Surely I don't have this many bad sectors.

My recycle bin is empty. One clue may be: I deleted about 55 GB of files, which I later restored. Any comments on how I can find the additional 67 GB and where it is being consumed? Thank you!
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    You never lost the space. It has to do with the bit computations on the drive, the same type of calc that makes a 750 GB read as 698 GB formated.
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