Users computers hang when I turn off the old Roaming Profiles Server

Environment: Windows Server 2003 with Windows XP Pro SP3 desktops, using Roaming Profiles and Group Policies.

About a year ago I got a new server and moved all the Roaming Profiles to it from my old server. Then I went into each and every AD user account and changed the "Profile Path" to the new location of each profile. I also went into Group Policies under 'User Configuration' >> 'Windows Settings' >> 'Folder Redirection', and then right-clicked each sub-folder ('Application Data', 'Desktop', 'My Documents', and 'Start Menu' folders) and selected "Properties" and tried to change the "Root Path" field to the new server location. However, once I did this, all the users experienced their desktops hanging and basically locking up on them as a result of the Roaming Profile change, so I had to change it back in order for the entire office to be able to function.

Why is this occurring? Is there a proper sequence of events that I need to perform in order for this transition to work correctly? Any advice would be appreciated, because the old profile server is very old and is bound to die eventually, and I will be in a world of trouble if I don't get this resolved before that occurs...

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  1. Hi there,

    I think i am having the same problems. A while ago i moved all of our users roaming profiles to another server. Only a few weeks ago i switched off the old roaming profile server. Ever since then our users are complaining of desktop freezes, firefox hanging for a few seconds, outlook pausing. Everyones desktops and app data is stored on the network in a roaming profile.

    This is driving me up the wall. Going to double check i havent left something in the GPO referencing the old server.

    Anyone any ideas?
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