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I received a computer from a friend and it was connected to his work domain. I have his username and password. I want to delete the domain and do an automatic logon. I have gone into the registry.exe and tried to do a forcelogon and such as I have read on the internet. It worked once but th at was it.

What I would like to do is remove his work domain? Or if not possible find an easier way to do an automatic logon and bypass his domain logon. I can't disable the security feature where you have to do ctrl alt del to logon.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Control Panel-System-Change Computer Name (if memory serves - I'm not on a Windows PC right now). Change from Domain to Workgroup - you can call it whatever you like. Reboot.
  2. After changing from a Domain to a Workgroup like above, open control panel again. Select the Users Icon, and there should be a check box that is for logging on by pressing ctrl-alt-del. It may be under the advanced properties of the User account.
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