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Ive just installed a new 300gb IDE hdd (rma from my old one that bust a year ago!)

i moved the MY Musci folder containing all my music sorted into albums with the album cover art showing on each folder.

now in its new location this does not happen and winamp is not picking up the cover art either, how can i sort this and get the cover art to show on the folders and in winamp again?
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  1. those files are hidden did you see them and move them or did you think if you move the music file the art is getting moved also?

    in short I think your covers are still in the old folder
  2. no files were hidden and i used rightclick > move to folder to move the My music from C:\ to D:\.

    for somereason teh files have become corrupted in the move?
    is there anyway to fix this? i think alot of music and their covers have been damaged in this way
  3. no if your files got corrupt then they gone, its gonna be too much work to first retrieve them then try and attempt to fix them if that is an option at all
  4. Edklite is correct those files are by default hidden. You would have had to change the default view to see / move them

    Windows explorer - Tools - folder options - View - then click show hidden files and folders.

    Also if you enable the status bar in windows explorer (under the view menu) check - status bar. It will then in the bottom left corner of any window show you the number of files in the folder AND the number of hidden files as well.
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