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Alright so I've been planning a complete gaming computer build(totally from scratch as I don't have an old parts to work with) and I finally ordered all of the parts from Newegg yesterday. I got an Email from Newegg today at 11:16 AM Arizona time(which is basically PDT only it stays the same year round) that my case had been shipped(from their warehouse in Industry, California). At 11:46 AM(also Arizona time) I received an Email from Newegg that all the rest of my parts had been shipped(also from their Warehouse in Industry, California). I live in Gilbert, Arizona, which means I'm relatively close to California. How long do you guys think it'll take for them to ship based on your past experiences with Newegg?
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  1. About 3-5 days.
  2. I'm in AZ - MUCH further from Phoenix - three days for me
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