Dell XPS 710 red system - still no Vista?

Hey all, so here is the deal. I am a student, and I get a ridiculous discount at dell (were talking around 25% off). I know what you are thinking, DELL IS CRAP! However, I am still getting around $1500 off on this system, so I cant say no. Anyhow, I wanted to get this L33T dell computer to game on. It's the dell XPS 710 red. Here are the stats:

- Intel Core2 Extreme processor QX6700 (2.66GHz,1066FSB) w/Quad Core Technology and 8MBcache
- 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz
- Dell USB Keyboard
- 24 in (24.0 in viewable) 2407FPW Wide Aspect Digital Flat Panel Display
- 768MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX
- 1TB Serial ATA II Hard Drive (7200RPM)
- Dell 13 in 1 Media Card Reader
- Dell Optical USB Mouse
- 48X Combo drive
- 7 Slot BTX motherboard
- 16X DVD+/-RW
- Soundblaster X-Fi PCI Sound Card,Vista
- 1KW Power Supply

Let's be honest, its a beast of a system.

But do you see a compatibility issue with the above stats and Vista? I don't.

So here is my question: why does this system STILL not come with vista from Dell? If you go to Dell's XPS 710 site at:

you will see that all of the 710 systems can be configured with Vista except the one all the way to the right (with the 1 KW power supply and the ability to have a QX6700 cpu) - which is the computer I quoted you above - the one I would like to get.

If you go to a Dell representative explains that the reason some of the 710's dont have Vista (especially the water-cooled 710 H2c which comes with two 8800GTX's in SLI mode) is because of a driver issue with the SLI and Vista. However, why would this be a problem on the one I want to get above (the 710 red).

I am assuming that it is a problem with the site because the one I have configured (the configuration all the way to the right) ALSO allows you to configure the system with SLI - and Dell doesn't have the drivers yet; whereas the other 710 configurations do not allow you to add twin GTX's as an option, so they can come with Vista.

What do you guys think? To make a long story short, I convinced a dell salesman to let me have the system with Vista, and I want to make sure I am not buying a system that will have configuration or compatibility issues. Do you see any?
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  1. 'Tis indeed a beast of a system, which begs the question.....why f*ck it up with Vista?

    IMO get it with XP = no compatibility worries, can play all games etc and then when Vista SP1 releases, spring for it then.
  2. Do you really think I am going to have compatability issues with Vista - or is that a bunch of hype.
  3. Still some stuff being worked out, I am waiting for the first real "service pack" type update to use Vista as my main boot OS.

    What you should do with any Dell you buy is format the HDD and install your own copy of Vista anyways. Don't want that bloatware crap slowing down your badass rig.
  4. Well, If I buy the rig with Vista then the warranty covers all the software and driver issues I may have with Vista. But, If I order it with XP now, and I uprgade to Vista on my own, I am not sure how the badass warranty I have will cover software driver issues..

    So, do you think I can bite the bullet and get the system as is, with Vista, and upgrade to the SP1 when it is available? Or do I really need to get it with XP.
  5. That is your call. You can always leave their installation of XP on there and dual boot Vista and use it as your main OS.
  6. No, its not hype about vista, it really is that bad. You are better off going with XP, and waiting for Vista with SP1 to come out. Vista sales have sucked so bad MS has made some suprising price cuts. You can now get Vista Home Premium (full retail version) for under $100.
  7. Right, but the problem is, if I get it with XP, the second I upgrade to Vista - no more software warranty.. So I think I am better off dealing with Vista now if I am sure I will upgrade to it eventually - and just wait for SP1.

    Is it really that bad?
  8. What the heck is a software warranty anyway? If it works, it works... If it doesn't, fix it with patches.
  9. Well, if there are any software based issues for the n00b members of my family they can call Dell can get support. If I get it with XP and install Vista in 6 months from now, it will will kill off the rest of my 4 year warranty.
  10. I see. Or they can just Google it :P Dell support is a joke anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about losing that part of it.
  11. I just cant believe that Vista is soo bad that I should get my system with XP, and void the warranty later when I eventually upgrade to Vista.
  12. Quote:
    Well, if there are any software based issues for the n00b members of my family they can call Dell can get support. If I get it with XP and install Vista in 6 months from now, it will will kill off the rest of my 4 year warranty.

    What the **** are they doing using your pc? Don't buy the software warranty; its crap. Dell tech support is really a joke. Only get the hardware support as you will probably need it (I've been through 2 display panels, 1 motherboard, ac adapter cord, 1 optical drive, and 1 keyboard on my 3 yr old inspiron laptop and none of it was caused by anything other than normal use).
  13. Make sure you get a nice 22" monitor for that beast! No use gaming on a 17" with an 8800GTX. :lol:

    BTW--All Dell monitors are good, heck I'm buying a new 22" from Dell myself.
  14. You will get two types of responses... Vista is Great! and Vista Sucks!

    So I'll give you a different perspective. It still has some issues. Drivers are still in developement, so are improving but not all at the same rate. The new Office 2007 is a real learning curve.

    Overall, I am now using Vista about 95% of the time, and am mostly happy with it.

    Oblivion performance is not so good, about 10% worse than XP. Most other games that I use work fine. FSX doesn't like anything, I'm told...

    My 3dmark05 scores for each OS are on a par.

    I will keep my XP drive probably for the remainder of the year, but will probably add it to the pile of spares q4.

    Word on MSDN is that Vista won't do service packs a la XP, just the patch process they currently use.

    Do what you want, its your money.
  15. Vista doesnt deserve to be on a XPS rig, but one day Dell WILL let XP die.
    Here in Europe for example you cant get a XPS M1710 with XP any more.
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