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I have just installed a fresh install of Win2000Pro onto an old Gateway comp I had laying around. Everything seems to work fine, except for the mouse and the display. The mouse moves very choppy. The display will only display in 640x480 16 colors. If you try to change it, it will ask if you'd like to keep the settings, then if you click OK, it goes right back to 640x480 16 color. I was thinking of a driver issue maybe?

Thanks, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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  1. You probably need to install the chipset drivers & the video drivers from the Gateway website if it's still up.

  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I've been doing some searching, and came across this site.

    Is there anything there that looks like it could help me? I looked on the Gateway site, but unfortunately they have no chipset drivers. All they have available is BIOS, Keyboard, and Sound.
  3. Typically if you can't find drivers for a PC, as in this case, it is usually due to one or more of the following reasons:

    1. Vendor tested and confirmed that piece of hardware will not work with the OS
    2. Vendor has not tested that OS with that hardware
    3. OS already has built-in drivers for that hardware and a vendor created one is not necessary.

    If you can't find drivers, and you are having issues like you mentioned above, possibly the hardware is bad. You did say you had it laying around. Possibly went bad over time? Have you tried looking on the video card (or motherboard if integrated) to see what kind of chipset the video has? You might be able to go to that chipset website and download a driver package that covers a large range of devices. Might get lucky there.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I never could figure out Win2000, so I just went back to Win98SE. I've got everything running with no problems, except the sound drivers. Do you know where one could find the Sound drivers for a Gateway G6-300 with S/N 0010704530?
  5. Win 2K would be better. If you know what kind of chipset is in the computer (you should be able to find that out fairly easily), then you can download drivers from the chipset manufacturer's website. You don't have to rely on Gateway. If you have an Intel chipset (which is very possible), then you can find drivers on Intel's website. As for video, make note of all the drivers that 98 has, then you can easily find drivers for 2K. As for sound, without knowing what codec chip the laptop has, makes it difficult to tell you what drivers you need and where to get them. You should at least be able to get some detailed specs on that laptop from Gateway... even if you can't find all the drivers you want.
  6. This isn't a laptop, it is a desktop model. I don't have the comp in front of me, but I'll look at it tomorrow and do some research on it. Thank you for the reply!
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