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  1. The closest I could find on Newegg was this Thermaltake Soprano:
    The doors look the same as well as the motherboard area stamping. Its probably an older version of this case.
  2. That does look pretty close. do you know if it would be possible to buy just the front bezel?
  3. Check on ebay, you might get lucky! Also you could make one yourself with plexi-glass .
  4. plexiglass I never thought of that. How would you suggest attaching it thought, screws, bolts, glue?
  5. I think bolts would give it a cool "industrial" look. I would paint the backside of the plexiglass first. Mask off two round areas if front of the power/activity LED lights.
  6. that does sound pretty good. I sent customer support at thermal take an email. If i don't here back from them I think i will try my luck with the plexi. Have you ever done anything like this before foz? if so any tips/pointers for someone trying it for the first time?
  7. Here are some tips-
    When cutting or drillng plexi put a thin piece of plywood under it to support it and cut both together. Leave the protective paper on right until you paint or mount the piece. Use a fine tooth blade on your saw when cutting. Measure twice, cut once. Buy extra plexi in case you screw up :wink:
  8. that was very helpful thanks. After thinking about it a hardware store I used to work at sold, plexi. I bet I could sneak in and use the jig we had to cut it once I have my dimensions
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