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I am using a windows 2003 server... I have 100 Client who joined the domain... I am having a little problem that the user does not automatically logoff when their login hours expire!

for example i assign the timing 8:00Am To 01:00 Pm to John and he can only login after 8:00 Am but the system does not automatically log him off after 01:00 why???

I also tried enabling the " Automatic Logoff when login hours expire " utility of Windows but got nothing! I also tried some bat files scripts but again no help!

Now please suggest me any third party software or any useful script which can help me sort this problem!

And please answer here! Do not paste external links!(only for software)

Hoping to get a positive Reply!

:hello: (((Thanks in advance))) :hello:
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  1. You can try using Screen Pass

    Screen Pass automatically Logout idle workstations after administrator defined idle period has exceeded.

    Works under XP and Vista.
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