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I can be tying out a sentence and if I do not correct it, it will type back over itself. Usaually 2 or 3 lines back from where I am actually at. It is driving me nuts. Doesn't happen all of the time.
Someone suggested I have a key logger problem - but have no idea what that is. It doesn't erase words - just adds to a line so it soulds like I do not use good or proper English.
Please help. For instance it does this - I was ridiing a mule named When all of a sudden out of the bushes jumped a jack rabbit. Heather and it was clear and sunny day.
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  1. well in word processor programs having overtype on would erase the characters so its not overtype.

    are you using a laptop? its very possible to accidentally bump your cursor to a different point using either the trackpad or any arrow keys.

    if its not that then i would tend to agree it is a software glitching problem. have you always had this problem or is it recent. system information? other pertinent information?
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