Problems with XP clean install/device manager

I just did a clean install of XP on my new Dell D630 notebook and have a problem. I've done plenty of clean installs before and never run into these problems.

I checked the Device Manager after installing my drivers/windows updates. For some reason, I'm showing 2 ACPI Batteries, 2 965 Chipsets, 3 plug and play monitors, 2 Core Duo processors, and several system boards... all I can think of is that there may be newer drivers I need to download (I used the drivers/utilities disk). I actually had 2 copies of Windows XP showing up when I booted, but one was not actually present, so I deleted it from the boot.ini file, which did nothing.

I thought that this might just be a feature of intel chipsets and did a little research. I found this:, which explains the monitor situation. It also occurred to me that I've never had a dual core processor, so maybe having 2 show up is normal... but 2 batteries? 2 Chipsets? Multiple system boards (I assume I'm asking a newbie question here, sorry :))?

Thanks for any advice!
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  1. during install process did you do a "quick" format or the regular format?
  2. Quick. And I set it such that the whole drive is one big partition.
  3. there is your problem, reinstall and do a regular one (not quick) during format.

    we never advise anybody to use the quick option
  4. I don't understand you aversion to Quick Format. All a Full format does is scan for bad sectors. Why would a Full Format fix the OP's problem?

  5. looks like everything did not get erased properly, I like full format because I believe you should do things right and only once, quick format can bring problems, why bother.
  6. There was nothing wrong with the formatting and a reinstall is NOT needed.

    The Mobile Intel Chipsets are designed to operate in the manner you saw. Although there is no reference specific to the 965 chipset, there are some for the 945 chipset. See the following:

    Why does Device Manager show multiple monitors?

    Why does Device Manager show two different graphics controllers?

    Hopefully this will save a few people the trouble of performing a complete clean reinstall and then finding that their "problem" is not solved.

    Also, if you don't know the answer to something, don't respond like you do.
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