Windows 2000 /ME: dual boot from 2 hard drives ?

Hi, I'm currently running a PC with Win2k on it, but I have a want to run some older DOS compatible programs/games.

So I dug out an older 20GB HD of mine, I wanted to set it up so I could dual boot from 2 separate drives. One for Win2k and one for WinME.

Is this possible? I have no problem reformatting, and I've already done that several times. I also have tried several different methods as well, with no luck.

Could someone please give me a heads up as how to do this if possible, without using a 3rd party boot loader to do it?

I'd really like to set it up so I could keep them both as the "C:" drive while loaded if possible, and I already read enough to know that in order to dual boot 2 HDs, they have to both be primary drives.

I just can't figure out how to do it with Windows 2000/ME... The HDs I'm working with are a 120GB, and a 20GB.
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  1. Does your BIOS allow you to choose which disk to boot from? That's the easiest way of setting things up without worrying about boot loaders. Be aware that a modern PC may well not run an OS as old as ME. If all else fails, you could always try a virtual machine (VirtualPC or something like that).
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