Odd released versions of Linux stable?

Hello ,

does the ODD released versions of Linux like FC5, FC7 are reliable?

as I have heard , ODD version indicates "under testing" or Unstable.....

or it is on the ODD Version ID of Kernel? like 2.3, 2.5, 2.7 ?

my machine runs on FC5 and gets freeze minutes after getting into GUI....I will have to reboot the machine....

is that because of ODD released version of Linux?

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  1. The ODD versions of Linux distributions are stable.

    The ODD versions of the Linux kernel are considered development versions and should not be used by the public.

    The freezes could be related to a configuration problem or a hardware problem.

    Try pressing ALT + CTRL + BACKSPACE ( not DELETE! ) does that kill the GUI? If it does then just the GUI froze. If it does not you may have bad or unstable hardware.

    If you have a LAN where you are and your computer is on the network see if you can still ping it or ssh to it when the GUI freezes to see if it's just the GUI that froze or the whole computer. If it is the whole computer you need to individually test your hardware.

    Good luck :)
  2. yeah.. I have talked about this a long back with you :).. I zeroed in on System Memory... I get it confirmed by Running Memset....

    thanks Pal..........
  3. memtest will show you which area of the memory is bad so that you can remove the bad memory module or replace it.


    Good luck :)
  4. how can I remove the Bad memory Module? how is that Possible? all I know is, if the memory is bad just replace that with new one...
  5. For example if you have 4 512MB memory modules and memtest reports errors between 512MB and 1024MB then you only have to replace the 2nd module.

    If it reports errors between 512MB and 1536 MB then you need to replace the 2nd and 3rd modules and so on.

    good luck :)
  6. Thanks.. Linux_0
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