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Hello all.

I am trying to make a gateway machine that was given to my younger brother work.
It was given because the previous owner forgot the pw/admin pw. I was going to reinstall
os but I have xp and 2000 but not a version of ME, that was on the machine originally.
I still have the ME COA key on the side. Can I install 2000 and it work as auth with the ME key?
Or XP?

Yes I am new to the mechanics of rebuild. Please don't hold it against me.

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  1. No, a Windows ME Key only works with ME. What version of Windows is currently installed?

  2. I installed xp because I had not found the 2000 disc. it is telling me I have an unauth key. I can get online which is much more than before but I can't update to sp2. so I am trying to backtrack.
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