I stupidly ran Windows 98 on my Dell Inspirion xp home windows 98 won't let me run Drive A:\ ( error: A:\ not accessible device not ready) I can't run a usb flash drive either!! Hep me pls!!!

Can I undo my stupidity???? and get BACK TO XP HOME EDITION???
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  1. no lol ! just downgrade performa win XP better than 98 :

    here for boot from USB : if u want win98
    or u can install dual Boot system win98 & win XP, it's good !
  2. Drive A is a floppy drive and it's quite old so it becomes unusable - You may need to check the BIOS to check if the floppy drive were enabled, including your USB - check it also maybe it is disable in your BIOS.
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