How to add audio into graphics

Hello, I'm fairly new to these forums and my brother recommended I come here to find my answer. Alright here it goes; I would like to add audio into a signature(graphic). Yes I know this kills bandwidth and makes it a bitch for others but I would like to learn this so I can experiment and try some stuff. Any kind of help is appreciated.
Thanks for your co-operation!
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  1. Bump? Please help.
  2. audio to a jpg or gif :??: I've never heard of that before.... you can add audio to a flash swf though, but either way I don't think that is something that would be good for a sig. Like you said, it makes it a bitch for others too.. we dont want to hear a talking sig or what ever :)

    You can add animation to a gif though, you would need Image ready by Adobe, I think Photoshop CS3 lets you add animation now as well.
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