Need motherboard for windows 98

I need a motherboard and processor to run windowd 98. Can anyone help me?
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  1. Ebay.

    Win 9x won't run on modern hardware.
  2. Check eBay or local stores for older Pentium 3 machines or some early Pentium 4 machines. Sometimes they scrap the parts and you can pick up all you need cheaply. Do you currently have a system you are replacing? If you already have a branded case, like HP or Dell, finding a replacement board will be a headache because the mounting points for the board and the power plugs might be different for each company... but if you are using an aftermarket ATX case, you can find P3 or early socket 423 P4 ATX boards so cheap they are almost free these days.

    However, online retailers gave up the P3 and socket 423 P4 ages ago... so you will have to dig around at local computer repair shops or ebay.

    Also, if speed is not your concern, you can also find Pentium 1 or 2 computers for like $50 with monitor and all at garage sales... but I wouldn't consider any socket 478 or 775 Pentium 4's because most of the parts on the boards will not have Windows 95,98,ME drivers any more. :pt1cable:
  3. Win98 has problems running on current hardware. I'd recommend something in the Pentium 2/3/early 4 or Athlon 700-2400 range. Anything in late model P4/ Athlon 64 or newer won't like Win98, and even if you get it to boot and run, driver support will be non-existant.
  4. Win98 has problems running on current hardware???? It's completely unsupported on current hardware..... Using a Socket 423 board may yield some problems as Rambus (RD-RAM) is no longer being produced and will be difficult to find outside of Ebay.
  5. If he gets a P2/3/early p4 board it will likely have PC66/100/133 SD-RAM. He just needs to go to a local PC shop and buy one of those $50-100 web-browsing Windows 98/ME machines.
  6. Sorry, the only Socket 423 boards I've seen only supported Rambus (RD-Ram) and Socket 478 boards supporting DDR. Slot 1 and Socket 370 boards will support PC66/100/133 SD-Ram though.
  7. Doesn't matter what kind of RAM it supports as long as it is included. There is no point in worrying about future upgrades since he just wants Windows 98. Try to find an old Gateway tower with a P2/3 with at least 64MB of RAM or whatever is needed to support his software. The end.
  8. Recently Bought One 845 Motherboard From The Market And Then I Installed That Motherboard Into My PC Cabinet After That I Proceeded With the Installation Of Windows 98SE After Installation When I'm Trying To Install Any Of My Software Which Is Of My Use It Is Displaying Me An Error That Is Duplicate File Cleaner Found In The Memory Dump, So What should I Do To Remove This Error From My PC.....?????.....Please Reply The Solution Related To This Problem ......
  9. Try to find an Intel board. They have excellent legacy compatibility

    I run Windows 98 on a D845GEBV2 with a Pentium 3.06 and that has full support for Windows 98. With support for 2 gigabytes of RAM, this board is the computer equivalent of the Binford 6000 :)

    Intel's webpage for this board has all the Win98 drivers including USB 2.0.

    These boards are on eBay.
  10. younghsv said:
    I need a motherboard and processor to run windowd 98. Can anyone help me?

    If you have a working machine you might try VirtualBox which will allow you to create a virtual machine to run WIN98. I tried it on an older HP with PD 820 at 2.8 ghz, and Vista. VirtualBox installed with no problem.

    It was easy to configure a virtual machine with 64mb or ram and 2gb of virtual disk.

    I used an OEM version of WIN98 to install on the virtual machine. I had to run setup several times to get properly configured. And I have not verified everything - usb ports, network devices etc. But the basic OS runs and simple applications (wordpad etc) seem to run normally, but it did seem slower than I remember WIN98. The virtual machine must take a lot of CPU cycles.

    BTW VirtualBox is a free download and there are other virtualization software that might work as well.

    If it works for you, it does beat switching between two machines.

    Good luck.
  11. All current intel processors are supported except for the i series. Here are some chipsets recommended for best compatibility.

  12. has a list of motherboards that are working with Windows 98, and the forums have a list of patches that will help fix remaining issues in 98, such as a CPU patch and memory patches.
  13. You can also head to goodwill or a thrift shop. Just pick a computer with the least dust in it. I like to use consignment shops since the computers have sometimes been sitting there without use. An IBM or Dell is usually a safe bet for Windows 98 era
  14. just grab an athlon or athlonXP motherboard off, and a stick of ddr ($40.00 total)
    got a 2200+ running ME right now I play old games like Doom Mechwarrior 2/3 Duke nukem, and quake on just fine.
    and it is blazing fast. a 2200+ will run 89/ME like a modern phenomII runs win7. everything is snappy, instant response times.
  15. The original poster never suggested using modern hardware. He may be looking for specifics like processor, socket type and chipset maybe.

    I can assure you any motherboard with socket 370 pentium 3 will work.

    I had a soyo 7vba133 with a 900 mhz P3 and a voodoo 4 4500 and worked very well.

    Unfortunately there are 7vba's on ebay and the sellee thinks he can sell it for the same price of a new one when u could find these kinds of boards for free at your local city dumpsters and, like someone said above, garage sales, craigslist, etc...
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