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I have an old Compaq Presario 1210 laptop with Windows 95 and I want to connect it to the internet (or though other means) but my internet connection wizard seems to be missing. In the connections tab for Internet Options when I try clicking the button that should open the internet connection wizard nothing happens (even if I click it 100 times).

I'd like to get this back some how but I don't have the Windows 95 CD nor do I know where to download it. If someone could help me find it on the net I'd be happy.
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  1. You can download it via utorrent. What sort of connection is it?
  2. What version of Internet Explorer is on the laptop? If you are dealing with a version before 5.5, it can be a pain. If you are dealing with 5.5, if you have install media, try to reinstall IE 5 and then reboot, most of times this will place an internet connection wizard on your desktop after reboot.

    Also as NervousSoup says, what kind of connection? Sometimes if Windows is not recognizing the modem or PCMCIA card correctly, it won't do anything because there is no viable connection available to configure.

    You can download the old IE versions from here
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