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Hey people,
I have a few questions regarding the academic version of Vista.
I can get this version for only $65!(with student ID and all that stuff) What i want to know, the box says its an upgrade version. Is it possible to do a new install with a scratch-built system with this? Also, for some odd reason, the specs on the page say its an OEM version for system builders. Does that mean I'll have to start with a new system anyway? If it is just an upgrade version, i have to have an existing windows OS right?
C'mon forum-gods! Let me know if I should go ahead with this version on my new build!
Thanks! :sol:
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  1. I'd like to know as well even though I already dropped $150 on a new Vista Business Upgrade. My old XP Pro Upgrade Academic Edition seemed to be pretty much like a real upgrade version. But with all the crazy licensing restrictions Microsoft has made up for Vista, I don't trust any deals they offer. For some reason I had a feeling Vista Academic Edition was like an OEM, which is one reason why I didn't pursue it. Plus, I couldn't really find it sold anywhere I trusted. And I couldn't find a Business edition of it. I wish I wasn't lazy so I would've gotten the free Vista Business Edition when I had the chance.
  2. I haven't seen the Academic version of Vista yet, but all the XP ones I've seen were full versions of PRO. It should be a full version, but if it is an upgrade, you can do a full install anyways by following these steps:

    I think the site just used a generic picture of an upgrade box, since Academic versions don't come with a box.
  3. Thanks! I KNEW i saw that article somewhere.
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